We are always keen to get feedback from our customers to ensure we are offering the best possible service.  We chatted to Les Eakin at Aisling who buys SAM Wrap mouldings for kitchen manufacturing.

1. What was it like before you used SAM Wrap MDF mouldings?

We used another MDF mouldings manufacturer before going to SAM.  The quality of their products was good enough, but their service was inflexible.  They stopped providing the thickness of MDF for some of the mouldings we used, so we had to look elsewhere.


2. What problem were you trying to solve with SAM Wrap MDF mouldings?

As our previous supplier had discontinued several mouldings sizes unless we committed to huge volumes, we needed to find an alternative so we could continue to offer our customers the products they needed.


3. Where did you start your search?

We actually started with SAM.  Uform, our sister company, already used SAM for their kitchen mouldings and they were happy with the service.  I had also been onsite at SAM in a previous job, so I was aware of what they could do.


4. What made SAM stand out from other options?

It was probably the perceived service level.  They aren’t too far away from us either so their proximity to Donegal was another selling point.

“Our orders arrive on time, they provide great service and they really focus on the details.”

Les Eakin @ Aisling

5. What would you say to someone looking to bring SAM onboard?

I would definitely give it a go.  Joe (SAM Regional Sales Manager) has been really attentive and will sit down to discuss our needs in fine detail.  He made sure everything was right before we went ahead with the first order.


6. What features sold you on buying SAM products?

There is a relatively short lead time on the products we order, the quality is good and their willingness to sit down with you to discuss exactly what you need was great.  If they don’t have the exact profile you are looking for, they will work hard to provide a very close alternative.


7. What makes you happiest about working with SAM?

It would be the hassle free service.  Once you place an order, you don’t have to worry about it.  It just arrives when you need it.


8. What have you been able to achieve since using SAM products?

Improved confidence in our supplier.  We know we can source the products we need from SAM and this makes it so much easier when trying to meet the needs of our own customers.


9. What has exceeded your expectations since working with SAM?

Their attention to detail.  As I said before, Joe really listened to us and covered everything when providing us with a service proposition.


10. What’s the main reason you recommend SAM?

Our orders arrive on time, they provide great service and they really focus on the details.