KwikStairs are a unique solution for saving time and money on staircases. They are smart and convenient and the first product that makes it possible to purchase a full staircase that will fit any situation. You still have the choice of what style you require, be it straight, single or double winder. KwikStairs use a carefully designed template which allows customers to build any staircase for any situation. The stair kits are made quickly so you can simply purchase directly without having to place an order in advance. Save time and money with this cost effective alternative to standard staircases.

You can achieve any desired finish by starting with a straight flight staircase and buying additional winders to create a single, double or S-Shaped winder. These can easily be assembled by following the template supplied in your order. KwikStairs are strong, safe and reliable, with around two hours needed for assembling.

You can download the KwikStairs brochure here.

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